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Contaminated Fuel

Lower sulfur content in fuel creates 3 major problems: increased bacterial contamination, reduced fuel lubricity and reduction in fuel quality.

Microbial organisms that enter your fuel systems (through vents, standing water tank bottoms or contamination during transport or deli very) live in the water and feed off the hydrocarbons in your fuel. As they grow, their waste produces water, sludge, acids and other harmful by-products that remain in your fuel tank and affect engine performance and cause damage due to corrosion and acid waste from microorgan­isms.

The reduction of sulfur in modern fuels automatically reduces the lubricity of fuel, which is crucial and relied on for lower maintenance and long term operation.

“Whether you captain a commercial vessel, or own and operate your own recreational power or fishing boat, liquid fuel catalysts that combat fungus and other microbial life have become essential in keeping your craft operating at its best performance level.” – AJ


Poor Performance...

If you are using diesel or gasoline products, you most like­ly have a bacterial contamination problem and you are not aware of it. And you most likely have a lack of lubricity in your fuel from the reduced sulfur in todays fuel products. The most noticeable problems these conditions cause are:

• Black plugged fuel filters
• Hazy dark fuel
• Sludge build-up in the fuel and storage tanks
• Low RPM’s and smoke
• Poor engine performance
• Lower horsepower output

• Slower acceleration
• Hard start
• Slower fuel flow (hesitation)
• Injector tip wear
• Corrosion build-up in the entire fuel system
• Engine wear (cylinder walls, valve seats, etc.)



Keeping petroleum prod­ucts dry and clean is crucial to the performance of any diesel or gasoline engine. A sterile fuel system means lower maintenance costs, and keeps your craft in peak operating condition. Most of the problems associated with bad engine performance are caused by contaminated fuel and can easily be avoided by adding AJX Perfect Fuel Products and following a simple maintenance program.

The Proof Is In the Filter

“After 24 hours your filters will be tan or brown, and after 72 hours you should get between 500 and 700 hours on a filter. This is your proof the product really works. Tell your friends.” -AJ

Keep Your Commercial or Recreational Craft in Peak Operating Condition.


Experience the Power of AJX Perfect Fuel Gas & Diesel Performance.

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