Find the Right Hydraulic Hose and Fittings

Finding the proper hydraulic hose can be tricky; however, they can be custom-made with the right features for what you need. At Windward Power, we have extensive experience distributing hydraulic hoses and fittings and know their tremendous value in different industrial and marine projects. We are proud to let you know we’re expanding our production capacity and hired an expert in the manufacture of hydraulic hoses. We are now able to manufacture the right products for our clients.

Trust Our Cutting Edge Products and Services

At Windward Power System, we have extensive experience in distributing and manufacturing a wide range of products. You can depend on us to make the perfect hose and fittings for your needs. 


These are some reasons to trust us:

  • Custom hose labels.
  • Dedicated personnel to building hoses while you wait.
  • Capable of crimping up to 2” (-32) 6 wire hose.
  • Off-hours drop off/pick up available.
  • Hydrostatic Test table, capable of testing up to 22,000 PSI
  • Hose cleaning during assembly to ensure a clean-finished product.
  • Ability to install temporary hose end covers that are heat shrunk to eliminate dirt intrusion during transport or installation.


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